Corporate Hospitality

Corporate Housing Across Diverse Industries

Your Corporate Housing Solution

We source lodging for short or long stays and consolidate billing into one neat, monthly invoice so you can focus on your business. From booking hotels to managing man camps for remote workers, our customized plans save you time, money, and effort.


Finding construction crew lodging requires a customized approach that considers project location and duration, worker preferences, safety, and cost effectiveness. CHS lodging solutions promote worker well-being, contribute to project efficiency, and align with your company’s budget.


CHS sources flexible lodging solutions adhere to travel policies and budgets and comply with GSA requirements. Our consolidated billing provides clear expense reporting documentation that meets government regulations.


The healthcare sector presents unique challenges in lodging for traveling medical professionals. CHS sources conveniently located, cost-conscious solutions that  prioritize helpful features to promote well-being and reduce stress.

Oil & Gas/Energy

We look at factors like location, resources, and logistical access to create cost-effective workforce lodging that prioritizes your oil & gas crew’s health and includes amenities like workout facilities, WiFi, outdoor recreation areas, and more. CHS provides oil & gas/energy companies with on-budget lodging solutions that support project success and worker safety.


CHS offers a range of retail employee housing options that cater to varying durations and budgets. Understanding the importance of brand image, we can source accommodations that align with brand aesthetic and values and offer amenities that promote employee well-being and productivity.


From short-term stays for emergency response crews to extended housing for remote maintenance projects, CHS caters to a variety of utility personnel and their unique requirements, providing reliable, cost-effective accommodations with all the comforts of home.