Corporate Hospitality

Top-Quality Housing
for Utility Workers

Simplify Utility Workforce Housing

We leverage our network of vetted accommodations to source options that cater to diverse needs, from short-term stays for emergency response teams to extended housing for long-term maintenance projects. Whether it’s securing furnished apartments near urban centers or finding mobile housing units for remote locations, CHS creates solutions that prioritize safety, comfort, and cost-effectiveness.

Unmatched Service

Our dedicated team is here to help, and we are available 24/7. We handle all logistics, from booking and reservations to managing consolidated billing. This ends the hassle of separate invoices for each crew member or location streamlining processes and giving you back valuable time.

Choose CHS: the Clear Advantage

With CHS, you can be confident that your crews have the comfortable and convenient temporary housing they need to perform at their best and contribute to the overall success of your utility operations.